Tyre Recycling Services is a newly established business, formed in 2007. After over 2 years of research into the tyre disposal industry we have worked on the best possible solution of processing used or end-of life tyres. Following our research we decided to relocate the business in April 2009 to our current premises in Fareham.

Tyre Recycling Services works in partnership on a land drainage project with a local company, which will enable us to reuse the tyres. Thus allowing us to help process and dispose of some of the 47 million tyres removed from vehicles in the UK every year. We provide them with BSI PAS 108 Tyre Bales for use in land drainage, sea and flood defense projects amongst others. All the sites are approved and monitored by the environment agency.

Tyre Recycling Services offer a solution for companies who need to dispose of waste tyres in an environmentally responsible manner. Our services will boost your own green credentials and research undertaken by the Carbon Trust indicates that 67% of end users would prefer to buy from an environmentally friendly company.

THE LAW HAS CHANGED! New legislation means that whole tyres have been banned from landfill from July 2003 and shredded tyres from July 2006. The new rules come as part of the EU's Landfill Directive, which will see a ban on dumping used tyres across the whole of the union.



Tyre Recycling Services starts expansion plans due to rapid growth of business...

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